Sunday, August 4, 2013

RBC Access USA

I have been a long time user of RBC Access USA. This is a great cross border product for Canadians looking to access funds in the US.

When I applied, I was set up with an account in Canada, and an account at a US bank. The Canadian account is at RBC Royal Bank, and the US account is with RBC Bank.There is an easy web service to move funds between the two accounts with one log-in. RBC has two versions of the account RBC Access USA, and RBC Access USA Preferred. There was a no fee product when I first signed up, but now, the first has fees of $2.95/month and the second $19.95. Both accounts offer no fees on the PNC Bank ATM Network, and no RBC bank fees on Visa, NYCE or PLUS ATM.

My personal plus is the ability to write cheques on a US bank account. This comes in handy for direct investing where a US cheque is required (more than simply a cheque from a Canadian Bank in US funds).

Find out more from RBC here: RBC Access USA

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