Monday, April 13, 2009

Canadian High Interest Savings Accounts

Recently I've been looking for a place to stash some of my free cash. I had been using ING but am disappointed by the dwindling interest rates. This type of review has appeared in a few places but thought I would share the most up to date information.

1. ICICI Bank 2.0%

2. PC Financial Interest Plus 1.45%

3. Achieva Financial 2.10%

4. Outlook Financial 2.00%

5. Altamira High Interest Cash Performer 1.05%

6. Citizen's Bank 1.85%

7. ING Direct 1.70%

ING is the bank that I'm currently with. See my sidebar for an orange key and current ING sign-up bonus.

8. HSBC 1.50%

9. Manulife 1.55%

10. RBC 1.50%

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