Saturday, August 9, 2008

Paying Attention To Money

I'm finding that I'm developing an interesting mindset about money and savings these days.

Personally, I was pretty lucky to graduate without much debt. Now that I'm working, most of my major obligations are taken care of with automatic payments. My RRSP contribution is automatic, my insurance and car payments come out once a month and so on. So after the paycheck went in, and the money came out, I was pretty comfortable spending the rest.

I purposefully created this project around a small amount of money to focus my spending and savings habits. I'm finding that I'll walk up to a vending machine, stand there for a moment, decide that I don't really need to spend the money and then walk away. I don't really feel deprived, and when I do make a small purchase it seems more rewarding. I'm following my budget more closely and I'm reducing my overall spending.

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